Clucking Sometimes

Sometimes mommies need a moment…


Give me a clucking break…

Schedules are a key in this household to having any free time/adult time. My husband works shift work and finding a balance for life between his sleep schedule and family time is the key,  I have found having Oliver on a tight schedule helps tremendously. (more…)

Cluckin’ Mommy Time

“Once upon a time, not long ago I enjoyed many hobbies that filled my endless time. Then I had a kid… THE END!” (more…)

Why won’t you clucking smile!

My dear son seems to have inherited my father and brother’s gene for the family smile frown…   (more…)

Clucking Human


My name is Mrs. Mother Clucking and I am “clucking human”. (more…)

Cluckin’ Baby Weight

Postpartum body image clucking sucks. You feel like toothpaste trying to fit back into the tube. Your uncomfortable, sweating in places you never imagined you could, you have random new moles that appear over night and don’t even get me started on the hair loss. (more…)

The Clucking Count Down

The Clucking Count Down (12 days of Christmas mama version)

On the first day of Christmas my baby gave to me – 1 silly face. (more…)