Clucking Teething…

The past few weeks have been clucking nasty…. wait NASTY in all CAPITALS, bold and underlined sums it up best! (more…)

It’s Clucking Santa!

Oliver got to see Santa for the first time alongside his two cousins. All three of the kids were invited to a Christmas party by their great grandparents. It was a lovely party with fun games and activities for the children to enjoy … along with tasty chocolates, tea and coffee for adults. Santa visited at the end and gave every child an age appropriate gift; it was fun to watch the older children tell Santa their Christmas wishes and receive a gift. Their faces were so excited and happy – it was truly lovely to experience. (more…)

Clucking Crafty

As a new mom I am beginning to realize – TAKE EVERY WIN YOU GET! My win for this week was “getting my butt in gear for the holiday season”. As a family we celebrate Christmas every year together and I usually try to hand-make many of my gifts. I do this to save a little $$ and I find that people enjoy a gift with effort and time spent rather than something I find at the mall.  (more…)

Clucking colds…

Cough cough cough … is how it all began, followed by a runny nose, loss of appetite and sleep deprivation. (more…)

Start clucking cooking

What’s cooking in your hen house?

I love to cook! It is one of my passions and I love to indulge in it; I am regularly trying new recipes and always eager to have people over for dinner parties. If you’re ever in my household prepare to be very well fed.

I’m great at cooking normal grown up human food… but how do you cook for a baby? (more…)

Little Clucks…

Family is a large part of our lives, we try to dedicate 2 weekends a month to socializing with family. I grew up living near my cousins – it was a benefit as I always had someone my age to hang out and share secrets with. Having a child of my own now I would like Oliver to experience the enriched feeling of having a close bond with family. Fortunately Oliver has two first cousins who are toddlers and adore him to the moon and back.


Get your clucking feet wet…

This past weekend we challenged ourselves to do a family outing. My husband and I have eagerly been looking forward to as new parents… SWIMMING!  Throughout the years we have been together we often spoke about what a fun family activity swimming would be once we had a child. Skip forward 9 years and we are literally living our dream.