“Once upon a time, not long ago I enjoyed many hobbies that filled my endless time. Then I had a kid… THE END!”

Are you relating to the story above? If so this is your reminder to enjoy some mommy time.

Definition: Mommy time is that glorious time where you enjoy anything you clucking want!…WITH NO CHILDREN!

I try to enjoy some mommy time a couple of hours a week wether it be a hot bubble bath, playing a computer game or baking something just for me (…shhhh don’t tell my husband). Along with these mommy time favourites I also have a collection of hobbies I try to indulge in once a week – my blog post, doing my nails, crafting and binge watching Netflix. 

Where do I find this time you ask? … I get people to help me or I fit them into his nap times/after he’s gone to bed.

I am fortunate to have family that live close along with many great friends. On top of this I have a great spouse who is always there to lend a hand when he is not bringing home the bacon.

Now its your turn mama, pass that monitor off to your hubby and have a bubble bath.

If your spouse is unable to help than, perhaps family live near that you are able to ask to watch the kids for a couple of hours. If this is not an option maybe a good friend?

If your stuck in a dark place and have no one to reach out to; I highly suggest meeting a mommies group to have the support of moms in the same or similar situations. You can often find support groups through hospitals, churches, along with community programs.

Ok mommies I now want you to plan out your day and when you find sometime today do something for YOURSELF! Why? You deserve it!

list of suggestions incase you need a little nudge that wont shrink your wallet:

  1. Bubble bath and wine
  2. Netflix and nachos
  3. Yoga – try a one for free on you tube – maybe it will free you…
  4. Bake yourself a treat – YOURSELF! (Brownies are always a great choice – add fudge I dare you!)
  5. Paint your nails
  6. Colour
  7. Face mask –  don’t have one? No problem – you can make one yourself check out some recipes online maybe you already have one and just don’t know it.
  8. Have a unintrupted nap
  9. Go out for lunch with some girl friends
  10. Do something you have always wanted to try – knit, make some wine, grow a mini herb garden inside. You can find free instructions for all of these options online, check out some videos, blogs, and pintrests posts.