My dear son seems to have inherited my father and brother’s gene for the family smile frown…  Now don’t get me wrong my father and brother CAN smile, when they laugh or genuinely enjoy something you say or do they have a magnificent smile that glows. The problem is when you add a camera!

I am the type of mom that takes monthly photos with props and cute outfits… there is just one problem he never smiles! I have tried jumping around, singing, shaking his favorite bear, even with my husband and additional people around to help…

We have a great camera and 6 adorable months of props and pictures to set up… but no smile. He does have an awesome smile; I’ve just been unable to capture it with our fancy camera. We have millions of cell phone pictures where his smile is beyond sqweezable but the smile instantly disappears into a straight-faced 1920s frown when the fancy camera makes a debut.

The other day we attempted to capture his seven month photos (we did a science theme with baby science books, a globe and a cute space shirt) – rockin’ I know! His father has an interest in astronomy so it was rather fitting – especially with the lunar eclipse the other night.

This month we were successful in our mission and captured a smile. It took mom acting like a complete idiot – while dad snapped a crazy amount of photos. Needless to say I felt ten pounds lighter after the whole homemade mini photo shoot was complete.

I am looking forward to next months mini shoot – CAN YOU SAY CUPID?

If you’re interested in doing some mini home photo shoots of your own I would highly suggest:

  • Looking for ideas for mini home photo shoots? check out some images on google; then do a lap around your house – it’s amazing what you can come up with.
  • Looking for ways to pose your kids? Once again check out poses on google and see if anything suits your fancy.
  • Looking for tips and tricks on how to take a great picture? check out some photography blogs and youtube videos. There is some great free information out there!