Postpartum body image clucking sucks. You feel like toothpaste trying to fit back into the tube. Your uncomfortable, sweating in places you never imagined you could, you have random new moles that appear over night and don’t even get me started on the hair loss.

Before I was pregnant I was comfortable with the way my body looked, I had a fairly decent diet and I tried exercise twice a week. During pregnancy I started telling myself that expecting to fit back into my pre-pregnant jeans right away would be an unreasonable expectation. I had gained close to 45lbs during pregnancy and only lost about 7 after giving birth.

I remember looking in the mirror at the hospital and seeing my tummy sag past my underware line; I thought I was mentally prepared to see my body after birth but it still widened my eyes.  You expect to see a change in your stomachs appearance. The part you don’t expect is that it goes from a perfectly round belly to one that looks like a flat tire. I tried really hard not to feel bad about the way my body looked even though I was disappointed; I constantly reminded myself what a miracle machine my body was and that I just brought my beautiful baby into this world. My husband has also been extremely positive in the way he sees my body which is always very reassuring. 

I am currently 6 months postpartum and I am 10 lbs away from my original weight. I am comfortable with the extra 10 lbs and I have been lucky that the weight has been slowly coming off. I haven’t changed my diet, I haven’t changed my exercise routine (free random fitness programs on youtube – zumba, postpartum work outs, yoga… anything your feeling – I do two a week).

If you’re looking for inspiration for some easy healthy meals check out some free meal ideas online and make yourself a weekly menu. This not only helps you create diet you will enjoy but it also helps your pocket-book. Don’t be shy to mix match different meal plan ideas from other sites or cook books.

Easy Meal Ideas are below – Find your own recipes online

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