The past few weeks have been clucking nasty…. wait NASTY in all CAPITALS, bold and underlined sums it up best! Teething has hit hard-core – walls are shaking from the screams and the tears have led to a puddle on my living room floor. (I’m not saying whether or not they are his or mine)

Teething straight up sucks. Your baby; who you realize wasn’t all that bad up until now, has discovered a new set of high-pitched screams that will indeed make you search for hearing protection.

Oliver seems to be handling teething pretty well so far (mom on the other hand is struggling). He has 2 front teeth that are popping through; one on the bottom and one on the top. Poor kid – I have been giving him infant Motrin / infant Tylenol along with Camilia teething relief drops. The drops were suggested to me by my sister-in-law and they seem to work well when the tooth isn’t quite breaking through the gums. I found that as soon as the teeth started breaking through the drops did not offer as much relief as they did previously. Along side these I also started using Nuby Soothing Gel (similar to baby orajel – it is all natural.)  These items combined are keeping my sanity in check.

There are some days I feel bad giving him a couple of doses of meds but at the same time I know that he’s in pain and that the meds will help sooth him and make him more comfortable. Having teeth break through the gums can not be comfortable along with a fever and irritability I know he needs a bit of comfort (not just love snuggles from mom type of comfort).

Oliver hasn’t been eating as much the last few weeks but again I feel like his teeth are bothering him while he’s trying to drink his bottles. What used to be a 5-10 minute feed is now a half hour to hour of him spitting it out all over me… Solids on the other hand he seems to enjoy a bit more. I gave him a nice cool banana and he seemed to enjoy mashing it into his gums.

I hope Oliver and I can get back to our happy routine here soon – I know teething is a continuous battle and will probably be haunting me for months to come but next time a tooth decides to pop out I’ll have my battle station ready – this time it took me by surprise.

What do you to keep yourself sane while your baby is screaming? Feel free to share your list in the comments (I’m always looking for new ways to ignore my child… kidding!)

Below is my list of things I do to stay sane while he’s screaming and unable to calm down with snuggles and attention alone.

  • Leave to room – do the dishes, laundry, make a phone call
  • Vacuum (who knows maybe you will be lucky and the noise will put them to sleep)
  • Play a game on your phone (you are allowed to enjoy some you time!)
  • Pet the dogs/cats or brush the dogs/cats (heck they aren’t screaming at you so give them an extra bit of love)
  • Eat something that is still hot!
  • Drink a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy a full hot cup (90% of the time when I do get to my tea is bloody cold!)
  • Read something that’s not a baby book for yourself!
  • Colour a pretty picture (possibly somewhere you would rather be)