Oliver got to see Santa for the first time alongside his two cousins. All three of the kids were invited to a Christmas party by their great grandparents. It was a lovely party with fun games and activities for the children to enjoy … along with tasty chocolates, tea and coffee for adults. Santa visited at the end and gave every child an age appropriate gift; it was fun to watch the older children tell Santa their Christmas wishes and receive a gift. Their faces were so excited and happy – it was truly lovely to experience.

Oliver was the very first one called up to see Santa, he was a wee bit overwhelmed with all the other children and pictures being taken. When he first saw Santa he was defiantly interested, his gaze never left the red suited man. It wasn’t until we made the handoff to Santa’s lap that Oliver became a bit upset. He had a quick break down but was calmed instantly once returned to his dads arms.

Since the party was a small gathering we were able to take a picture of Oliver with Santa after all the other children had returned to their seats with their new toys.  He was a little bit more cooperative the second time and gave us a half crooked smile. 

I was so excited when I got home to up-load the photos and see all the images captured throughout the day. There were so many great memories captured but when I got to the pictures of Oliver and Santa; guess what? There was a half an arm in the photo … how? And whose arm was it? Someone was siting and holding Oliver’s hand while he was on Santa’s lap, most likely an elf but I never noticed when taking the pictures. I felt like such a dummy and all I thought to myself was now what to do?

Hello photo shop! I am no expert; I am a self-taught and continuously dabbling in something new on the program. This was a fun little two-hour project for me; I successfully removed the arm from the photo and it’s not half bad (If I don’t tell people they don’t notice).  It’s a great picture I just wish I had paid a bit more attention and captured the photo better. NOTE TO SELF: Look all around when taking Santa pictures not just at Santa and Oliver’s face.

Today Oliver got to see Santa once more at the mall, he was such a happy boy we thought why not try for another picture? When Oliver saw Santa, once again his eyes were locked on the red suit. He smiled and giggled at Santa and sat very well on his lap and even gave a smile for his photo. Third time was the charm – we now have the perfect picture of Oliver and Santa to give away for Christmas this year. 

I’m looking forward to seeing how he will be next year with Santa… still intrigued? Full of tears? Happy as a clam? I look forward to finding out. 

May all your holiday photos turn out jolly!