As a new mom I am beginning to realize – TAKE EVERY WIN YOU GET! My win for this week was “getting my butt in gear for the holiday season”. As a family we celebrate Christmas every year together and I usually try to hand-make many of my gifts. I do this to save a little $$ and I find that people enjoy a gift with effort and time spent rather than something I find at the mall. 

This year I feel like I’m doing pretty good; my list is almost complete and I have 2 projects on the go (personalized colouring books and a reading tent). If you need some homemade gifts ideas read below and see if anything peeks your interest or provides some inspiration. 

  • Brother-in-law – Ukrainian Sour Cabbage Rolls, Homemade Cookies
  • Sister-in-law – hand painted a bathroom mason jar set – plaid theme: soap dispenser, q-tip holder, toothbrush holder, cotton ball holder and painting.
  • Oliver is getting his aunt and uncle some printed picture of himself
  • For my nieces from their uncle and I, I am sewing them a reading tent (got the idea from pintrest and designed my own plan from there. We bought a specialized story book from Wonderbly for them to enjoy while using the tent. From Oliver they are receiving a personalized colouring book made from pictures of them and Oliver that I made up on an app called colorscape from iTunes. I used pictures that I uploaded, saved and moved to my photos. From there you can use word or pages to make your documents to print. I print mine off at staples on thicker paper for colouring books – I prefer a bit of texture for my colouring books. 
  • My Father – My dad is always a hard one but he enjoys home videos. I would like to try get a personalized DVD (I make on my mac computer using imovie) for him of  some photographed moments of just him and Oliver.
  • My Mother – a bathroom mason jar set – light green with mild distress: soap dispenser, q-tip holder, toothbrush holder, and cotton ball holder, a painting, and oven mitts I saw her eyeing up the last time we were at IKEA.
  • From Oliver to my parents he is giving a picture of himself and a handmade ornament for their tree.
  • My grandma is receiving a colouring book of her and Oliver along with a hand-made ornament by Oliver for her new home. (Festive Picture for her door that has her name on it)
  • My Mother in-law and my husband’s Step Father – will be receiving a pre-made soup in a jar – recipes can be found on pintrest. Along with a photo of Oliver and an ornament from Oliver.
  • My Father-in-law and my husband’s Step Mother – are receiving a personalized colouring book, soup in a jar and an ornament from Oliver.
  • Great Grandparents on my husband’s side – will be receiving homemade cookies and an ornament from Oliver for their tree.

The only person I have left to figure out is my brother… but I think he will receive something special from Oliver – just not quite sure what; but I’ll clucking figure it out.

I hope that some of the ideas above helped spark and bring forward your inner craftiness for the holiday season.

Writing a list of the people and gifts i have/need to get helps my mind feel less cluttered and relieved to know that I only have one person to find/make a gift for. This win of the week really makes me feel good about the projects I have ahead of me over the next few weeks. I hope you all had some great wins of the week that made you feel uplifted inside and I hope you have twice as many next week.