Cough cough cough … is how it all began, followed by a runny nose, loss of appetite and sleep deprivation.

Babies first cold!

First time mom – not sure what to do, where to start… well I checked google here’s what it said:

  • Check temperature – normal (if not maybe call 811 or ask your doctor about infant Tylenol or Motrin)
  • Listen to chest
  • Put humidifier in room
  • Give baby a warm bath
  • Give baby extra cuddles
  • Put a bit of baby Vic’s on feet – put on extra pair of socks
  • Keep baby inside where it is warm
  • Let baby sleep
  • Feed extra bottles

Lets face it – google is great! When Oliver got sick I immediately thought of when my parents would sit on the livingroom floor cross-legged looking through the medical encyclopedia when we were sick as kids.  I find it funny when old memories pop into your head when you become a parent – really takes you back. 

When I tried all googled options I asked my mom and sister-in-law what their tricks are/were:

  • Sing to baby
  • Vic’s strips in humidifier
  • Coryzalia infant cold medicine

It is currently day 4 and Oliver still has a minor cough but his nose seems to be much clearer/booger free and his chest also seems to have loosened. 

Mom’s lessons learned from babies first cold:

(these lessons were learned after little sleep, little food and catching Oliver’s cold)

  • Don’t over stress
  • Don’t loose too much sleep
  • The cold will pass – just give your baby time to work his/her magic
  • Sick babies make a tired mommy
  • Enjoy the extra cuddles
  • Give them a few extra baths
  • Don’t forget to cheer yourself on – you’re doing great!

I hate seeing Oliver sick but I knew this day would eventually come and it will come again multiple times in his life. The best thing I can learn to do now is make a kick-a** chicken noodle soup that he will beg for in the up coming years.