What’s cooking in your hen house?

I love to cook! It is one of my passions and I love to indulge in it; I am regularly trying new recipes and always eager to have people over for dinner parties. If you’re ever in my household prepare to be very well fed.

I’m great at cooking normal grown up human food… but how do you cook for a baby?

Oliver has been sampling new foods as suggested by his pediatrician starting around 4 months. We started him on basic cereal which was not a hit (more like hit the floor); it was the generic Gerber brand you can find at any grocery store. We attempted this for about a week with a 0-25% success rate – that is being liberal. How do we get this kid to eat more?

We were informed by our pediatrician to start him out with vegetables one by one to check for allergies. We started Oliver with something super simple – CARROTS. Carrots are sweet, tasty, nice and mushy when boiled then put through the magic bullet and best of all they’re usually in my fridge. I added the cereal to the vegetables and water making a very watered down puree – YUMMY! This was a major hit! Oliver ate his meal in record time and kept down about 55-65% (rest was on him and his bib…) At first we started giving him puree at night before his bedtime bottle to help him sleep a bit longer with a full belly.

When Oliver gets placed in his high chair his little legs start dancing and his smile is ear to ear… my baby LOVES FOOD! We’re currently trying to only associate the high-chair with food so that he understands when he’s in the chair he is expected to eat – so far this is working. Fingers, tits and toes crossed this continues… 

I recently started giving Oliver two small meals a day. He now eats a breakfast puree and a supper puree. I normally give a fruit in the morning such as homemade applesauce/pear/banana puree with a bit of cereal and water I like to give vegetables in the evening. Wow some vegetables cause gas…major gas – I could not believe the intense gas that comes when you start adding solids to a babies diet. I gave him green beans for a couple of days and I feel like the stench is still trapped in my nostrils. Next time I will remember to mix it with anther vegetable I know that he has no issues with so that it is not so potent. 

The faces Oliver makes when he takes the first mouthful of the day is priceless and honestly my favorite part of the day! We normally give him the same puree for 2-3 days and when we change to another his face is always so shocked; his eyebrows raise, his cheeks scrunch up and his lips pucker up and spit out about half a spoons worth of food. I recently gave him applesauce made from a tart granny-smith apple – the bewilderment in his eyes the moment his tongue hit the spoon will always be imbedded into my mind. He lifted one eyebrow and lifted his lip like Elvis and enjoyed a full mouthful without spitting anything out – I think it is his new favorite. 

Lately no matter what he is eating I can not seem to keep the spoon full fast enough for him – this makes me happy.  I know that he is enjoying his solids adventure as much as I am. I am not worried with the amount of solids he is eating since he is still chugging down large bottles like a champ – he is one very well fed baby. Currently Oliver is just over 17lbs, is 4 months and 2 weeks old and wearing 6-9 month clothing. Someday’s I look at him and wish he was still my itty bitty baby – but at the same time I’m happy that he is healthy and growing strong.

I’m looking forward to see what new food this little man will enjoy next.


How do I make Oliver’s Puree Recipes? 

Carrots and cereal:

  • 1 carrot washed and peeled
  • cut up carrots into small cubes
  • boil 10-15 min until soft
  • put in blender/food processor
  • add 1 tbsp water from boiled vegetables
  • add 1 tbsp cereal
  • blend until desired texture
  • serve or freeze

You can replace carrots with a fresh vegetables/fruits such as potatoes/yams/yellow peppers/broccoli/apples/pears or 1/2 cup of frozen peas/beans/spinach/blue berries.

After you baby has sampled a few different vegetables/fruits put some together and make a puree mix: peas & carrots, blue berries & spinach, yams and peppers, pears and squash.

Have fun get messybe creative!

How to freeze puree:

  • place puree in ice-cube tray each cube is 1 oz serving
  • place in labeled ziplock bag for storage in freezer (I put the date made and ingredients)
  • pull out and let defrost before serving