This past weekend we challenged ourselves to do a family outing. My husband and I have eagerly been looking forward to as new parents… SWIMMING!  Throughout the years we have been together we often spoke about what a fun family activity swimming would be once we had a child. Skip forward 9 years and we are literally living our dream.

I never thought my dream would include a mom bun that is washed 3 times a week (I feel like I’m being generous saying 3…) yoga pants (do I even take them off anymore?) and an oversized flannel shirt (who doesn’t love to rock the 90s fashion here and there – classy yet so simple).

On with our swimming adventure!

Getting Oliver ready

We received two adorable swimsuits as gifts for Oliver from the baby showers that were hosted for us. We have been looking forward to using both.

Swimsuit #1 – A diaper cover type labeled 0-6 month; it was a bit small. Oliver is a big boy for 4 months – approx. 17 lbs. His chubby little thighs did not seem too comfortable so we took it off.

Swimsuit #2 – Thankfully the size 12-18 month swimsuit fits him perfect! Now don’t get me wrong it is about a half an inch to long in the arms (but it’s a tee-shirt so it doesn’t really matter) otherwise it fits him comfortably and properly everywhere else. Our little munchkin is sure growing fast…

To the pool we go

We choose to walk to the pool, this is a great work out for us on top of swimming and it also gives Oliver a nice scenic ride. The pool is about a 20 minute walk from our home and is mostly connected by a walking path the entire way. I honestly never thought about how much work pushing a stroller was until I had Oliver. Now I think about the weight of all the things I put in our stroller before we leave so I’m not exerting myself more than I need to.

Pool Time

We arrived at the pool and were quickly inside with all the laughter, splashing and fun. The pool we chose to visit had a kiddie pool. The kiddie pool had 2 sections – each with water fountain features and both sides were fairly large. There were kids ranging from 4 month – 12 years and they had two life guards that monitored the area.

Making friends

We huddled in a corner of the pool to play with Oliver and were quickly approached by another couple with two adorable girls. One had a “baby obsession” and was very intrigued with Oliver and politely asked a couple of times to hold Oliver. It was absolutely adorable! The parents suggested different types of swimming gear that worked best for their kids and we greatly appreciated the insight. It was nice to meet another couple and it’s always a treat to see little faces light up because of Oliver.

Splish splash

After about 10 minutes in the pool Oliver began to enjoy himself very much. You could see his little legs pumping away and his little hands kept trying to squish the water between his fingers. Watching him take in the sights, sounds and smells of the pool for the first time was an incredible experience. He not only experienced buoyancy but he also encountered a large volume of people and stayed alert and awake in the pool for an hour.

The Walk home

The walk home was quite, we were all tired from the swimming adventures we had. The walk seemed to take forever since all I wanted was to eat a pizza… I’ll give you 3 guesses what we had for supper that night.

Oliver’s first swimming adventure was a success and I am very much looking forward to taking him again soon. Not only was it a great experience for him but it was a treasured  moment for us that we are grateful for.

Have you gone swimming lately?

If you’re looking to get out and do an activity with you little munchkin, check out some of your local swimming pools. Often you can find their schedules online, if that is not available you can always call and ask or drop in and pick up one of their pamphlets with times and dates which will include classes and special events.

  • Swimming classes – there are often swimming classes for moms and babies/tots. By attending one it would help you meet new moms in your area.
  • Free swim – take advantages of a free nights out for the family – relax its FREE
  • Fitness promotions – there are often free classes for different fitness types. Why not try out a couple and see if you enjoy them?