Att: Nap Time

Dear Nap Time,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am sorry that we have lost touch these last few weeks. I feel very lost and at times frustrated without you.

I am truly sorry if I offended you or made you feel as though you were not appreciated or welcome. I deeply treasure our relationship and do hope to continue going forward; please disregard any ungrateful behaviour I have presented to you in the past. I am a first time mom and did not realize the gift you granted me so faithfully in the beginning stages of motherhood. I remember those days so fondly, when you would allow me to enjoy a break, have a shower, start supper or have a nice nap. I know now that I took you for granted over and over.

I have changed my ways, I gave myself a kick in the butt and a pep talk.

I told myself: “Lady, you complained he napped too much in the beginning and you just wanted to spend time with him, hold him, stare at him… now who’s complaining about not enough nap time!” I now just want the screaming little banshee to sleep – just a nice couple hour nap then mama can get her funk on. Mama misses getting her funk on…

I would be eternally grateful if you stopped by this week for a visit. I hope to see you soon, my door is WIDE open!!!

Your friend,


P.S Come and I will bake cookies.

Baby is exhausted, mommy is exhausted

A stormy couple of weeks is what we have had; what I’m a referring too? An app called TheWonderWeeks. I have found this app very beneficial in understanding Oliver’s needs without having any means of communication with him yet. Sometimes I’ll look ahead a few weeks just to see what his moods could potentially be just in case we’re planning something. It is not 100% accurate but it has never been too far off. 

When he’s entering a stormy couple of days/weeks his mood is fussy and he becomes over tired and very grumpy. During his current phase he has not taken many voluntary naps. Which has made him EXTRA moody. After a couple of days without his afternoon nap I began to wonder what was up… am I maybe doing something wrong?

How to get your child to nap?

I went to the central hub for all current information – “HELLO GOOGLE MY OLD FRIEND!”

  • Put him in dark room 

I always put Oliver down in a dark room for bedtime and I have tried to keep that as part of a routine to help him adjust to sleeping through the night. Which has worked well since he normally sleeps from about 7:30 pm until 3:00 am; I give him a bottle and put him back to bed from 3:15 am until 7:00 am most days.

But for the sake of my sanity I will try it put him in a dark room…

Box x No success – he just stared at the monitor screaming until I brought him back out  into the livingroom again.

  • Put in quite room

I had been just putting him down in the livingroom on the vibrating chair or swing. I do this because then he can get used to the noise in our home. we have two large Newfoundland dogs along with two very ungraceful cats. Our home is never quite. But once again for the sake of my sanity I will try it.

Box xNo success – he became startled by every little noise he heard.

  • Turn on some white noise

The sound of the vacuum always makes him fall asleep, but as soon as the vacuum is off someone is awake.

Box xNo success

  • Hold him until he falls asleep

He would fall asleep, but as soon as I would sneeze, burp or get an itch… he was awake.

Box xNo success

  • Let him cry it out

I let him cry for about 10-15 min (supervised) before I give In and go comfort him.

Box xNo success

  • Take him for a car ride

This worked until I stopped for a red light…

Box xNo success

  • Take him for a walk

I try to take him on a walk once or twice during the week and we normally take him and the Newfys for a walk on the weekends as a family.

Box xNo success

  • Sing to him

I sang until I no longer had a voice, nor remembered what I was singing.

Box xNo success

  • Lie down with him

This worked until he pulled my hair and punched me in the nose.

Box xNo success

  • Put a warm water bottle beside him

This did not fool him, darn kid is smarter than I thought.

Box xNo success

  • Leave alone to fall asleep

I normally try to leave the room when he’s taking a nap; I try to leave just as his eyes are fluttering asleep.

box check.jpgAlready complete – no need to adjust

  • Stimulate him

I feel that he is probably stimulated enough. We enjoy bath time in the morning along with sometime in the circle of neglect (What we call his exersaucer). Both of these activities normally wear him out. We either go on a walk or a car ride in the afternoon, unless mommy is lazy, than we watch a movie and play in the jolly jumper.

box check.jpgAlready complete – no need to adjust

  • Ensure he is on a regular sleep pattern

Oliver has always been on a pretty good sleep pattern.

box check.jpgAlready complete – no need to adjust

  • Tire him out in a jolly jumper

We can always try a bit more exercise. So I made sure to add jolly time EVERY day – I am pretty sure this helped.

box check.jpg SUCCESS

  • Give more feedings

Tried giving him a few extra bottles – Nothing

Gave him a bit of cereal – Nothing

Our final option was to try starting him on small amounts of a puree (as suggested by his pediatrician). This REALLY seemed to help. I tried this for the first time yesterday, I made him some fresh carrot puree and he gobbled it up like a champ. His pediatrician suggested giving it to him first thing before his bottle since at this point they are the most hungry and most likely to keep some down. After the puree she suggested to give him a regular bottle. Oliver ate his carrots, drank his bottle and the little man took a solid 2 hour nap. MOMMY IS IN HAPPYLAND!!!!!

box check.jpg SUCCESS

After about 5 days of feeling like I had tried everything google had to offer me with moderate success I was starting to see a light at the end of this nap-less tunnel when seemingly out of nowhere… A concrete sidewalk construction site popped up in front of our next door neighbours home right where our driveways meet – YEAY

Eventually it will be Pleasantville all over again and I will have a pretty new sidewalk to walk Oliver up and down, I guess I just need to be patient.

For now I will enjoy the mini happy sessions I receive in a day whether they be 5-10-15 min long. At least I am able to enjoy a smile and a laugh from those delicious chubby cheeks – even if he is crabby as all heck.