I enjoy relating my life to tv shows and movie scenarios all the time… nerdy I know. This past week I feel like I took on almost every genera.

Below is a review of this weeks film reel. Grab some popcorn and enjoy …

Drama: Titanic

I had felt seasick all week so I went to the medical clinic for a doctor to look at my sore throat and ear. The doctor looked down my throat and told me I had a viral infection and it would go away in a couple days. I then asked him about my ear and he mentioned to put some polysporin ear drops in if it continued to bother me.

I happily returned home knowing that by the time I needed to take Oliver to his three month appointment I would feel much better. I woke up the following Monday  excited to take Oliver to his appointment – I always look forward to them. CRASH! It was as if I was a ship and I had hit an iceberg; I was dizzy, could hardly stand and I was extremely nauseous. I took a Tylenol and put in another round of ear drops. I knew I was not going to be able to take Oliver to his appointment if I continued to feel this way…


Action: Superman

After laying down for about a half hour waiting for the world to stop turnning; with no sucsess, I didn’t feel confident in picking up Oliver and walking around for too long and I knew driving him to the appointment was not going to happen. What to do…?

Select: Contacts… Husband… Call…

It took husband about 30 short minutes to get home after I called him. He kindly called the clinic and pre-booked an appointment for me so that he could drop me off on his way to Oliver’s appointment – 2 for one kind of deal.

Having him come home and help me out of this jam was a lifesaver – I am extremely fortunate he was able to return home that day. My Husband took a list of questions I had for the pediatrician and ensured to ask them all before leaving. When he returned home to tell me all the information my only response was… “Look here – in my kitchen – It’s … SUPERDAD!”

Horror: The Blob 

A nasty fungal – middle ear infection, along with a blob of water trapped behind my ear drum; was my culprit. The doctor kindly prescribed me the proper ear drops and medication for my vertigo and sent me on my way.

After a couple of days of using the ear drops a sensation of relief as the blob of warm water finally released from behind my eardrum. It took a little while but I soon started to notice my balance returning. 

Comedy: Step Brothers

We went livingroom furniture shopping over the long weekend – it was an adventure to say the least. We reached the shopping centre and decided to get a sandwich. We quickly found a Subway Sandwich Shop which hindered my husbands hanger. We then arrived at the furniture store. As we walked in my eyes popped out of my head! So many options! Where are we going to start?!

My Husband and I walked up and down every isle, sat on EVERY couch, we were so very lucky Oliver slept soundly in his stroller the entire escapade. We ended up purchasing our very first new piece of living room furniture; up until now we’ve been using a hand-me-down set from my grandparents (which my husband had a special attachment to). We purchased a sectional to replace our current couch and love seat. After returning home we rearranged our furniture for a few hours to simulate what our new room would look like. After a few hours of rearranging we looked at each other and said, “we have so much more room for activities!!!!”.

After rearranging the furniture we decided that we would rather the sectional faced the opposite way then what we had originally planned so we call the store back to request the change. This was great for two reasons; not only did this change our expected delivery date to almost a month earlier but it also helped the “Feng Shui” of the room!

Buying the couch was a treat for us this year, being able to rearrange our living room has helped open up the concept of our home and helped it feel less congested. 

Fantasy/Adventure: Jurassic World

Our home is crazy most days but during holidays it can be a little more rowdy than normal as most family’s are. We were fortunate to spend this Thanksgiving with my sister-in-law’s family and some of our dear friends. 

Not only was our home a bit more crazy due to moving around our livingroom furniture but we had a few extra little monsters running around the house – 4 more to be exact. My husband and brother-in-law became masters of wrangling and herding the children just like Chris Pratt with the raptors in Jurassic World… I’m honestly not sure which is worse the children or baby raptors…