New Parenting Level Unlocked: First Time Parent

Achievement:  TimeWarp

As the weeks go by my days blur together more and more… Oliver and I were at the local Wal-Mart today walking up and down the isles looking for Dad – he had gone to grab formula.

“What a sweet baby!” A voice from behind startled me out of whatever random thought was going through my head at the moment. “How old is he?” I turned around to see a lovely older lady standing behind me; staring at Oliver with delight.

I just looked at her with a blank look on my face and thought to myself… “HOW OLD IS HE?” 

It was at that point that I realized how fast time was going by. Oliver had been home in my arms daily for two months already! His sweet face was getting more plump and unique by the day and his smile was really starting to shine.

His movements were becoming more fluid and he was holding his head up well. Our boy had doubled his weight and was on track for a healthy childhood. Next stop was immunizations…

New Parenting Level Unlocked: Patience 

Achievement:  Baby has unlocked a new screaming octave

We took Oliver to his first immunization appointment – My husband booked off the appointment so he could join me; this was a task I did not want to do alone. I am happy he was there, not only was he able to help me comfort Oliver but both my Husband and I also needed vaccine updates! 

The nurse weighed Oliver and checked his length… he is a little short and heavy according to the averages but he is healthy and that is what matters. When it came time for his shots he took the oral one like a champ, not a fuss not even a tear, but when the nurse pricked his little thigh with the needle I felt as though the earwax was rattled loose in my ears. It was a high-pitched blood-curdling scream; even the nurse was taken aback! He settled down quickly thankfully and we stayed for 15 min to ensure baby had no reactions. 

On the way home … that newly discovered scream made another debut… 

Bathtime… was time for the encore… 

Bed time … was a world tour. 

New Parenting Level Unlocked: Nocturnal

Achievement: The power to stay up all night 

I have seen the sunrise more as a new mom than I ever have before…well, that’s a lie. My Husband is an astronomy nerd and has dragged me out to the middle of nowhere on numerous occasions to gaze though his telescopes and take pictures of auroras (northern lights) and get eaten alive by mosquitos and freeze… Sometimes that seems preferable to night’s singing: “You are my sunshine” for hours on end as my brain is unable to comprehend another song. Why this song… to be honest I don’t have a clue it just came out of me one night and stuck. He seems to enjoy when mommy sings even if she’s just singing random words when she is beyond tired. 

New Parenting Level Unlocked: Baby Armor

Achievement: The ability to wear your child

I have an incredible sister-in-law who is raising two amazing girls – she suggested baby wearing to me and ever since it has been a lifesaver daily! Oliver tends to enjoy being close and being cuddled, wearing him gives me the ability to do so much more than sit on the couch and soothe him. 

When I need to wash bottles and he’s being fussy I just pop him in the wrap and sing to him… usually this puts him to sleep. I would like to think its my voice but it’s probably the running water and movement… 

Not only has the wrap been beneficial for chores and everyday use around the house but it’s a great alternative at the dog park. We enjoy taking our dogs on trails and our stroller just wouldn’t be practical on the bumpy hilly root covered paths. The only thing is to be cautious of your footing, my Husband and I stayed a couple of paces ahead or behind one another so that I could see where I was going.