I thought this was a good play on words … as parents we all try find words we can use to replace those “bad” words while talking infront of young children… Clucking is my go too… not only is it a good play on words but it also realates well to the word Hen – I was very set on the word Hen.


Since this blog is being written from a mothers perspective I felt it was suiting to have the name in the title.


Where did the inspariation come from? My grandma. I grew up on a small farm just off of the home property my great grandparents origanlly owned in the 1930s; now occupied by my uncle and his family.

My grandma was a true farm wife, strong as hell and tough as nails. She managed all the farm animals while raising twin boys. She took care of everything from milking cows to collecting eggs from chickens.

Later when grandma and grandpa moved into town she started collecting chicken decorations for her kitchen. She had dishes, salt and pepper shakers, clocks and so much more…

She always reminded me of the mother hen of our family. Always making sure the the family was well fed. She would often bring meals out to the field so that grandpa, dad and uncle could eat a good healthy meal.

Not only did the influence of chicken farming came from my grandma; my dad, uncle and myself all work within the poultry industry. Working in agricutlture has been an enjoyable career path and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Clucking Mother Hen those three words came together as if they were mean’t to be. I feel the name is unique but give a comical spin and I fell inlove with it instantly… it was love at first blog.